The Poetry of Ellin Anderson


By Ellin Anderson*

It was on St. Patrick’s Day, down at the Pride of Erin Pub,
I heard “Senator O’Bara” would replace old George the Shrub.
When Election Day has come and gone, the world will be content,
For young Barrett H. O’Bara will become our President!

Now, me wife says to me, “Pat, it’s time you got a hearing aid.”
Well, I’m very happy, thank ye, with me ears as they were made!
Soon we’ll cast away our crutches, and forget our monthly rent,
For young Barrett H. O’Bara will become our President!

Oh, young Senator O’Bara brings us change and gives us hope,
And the red phone on his desk will be a hot line to the Pope!
Sure, Jack Kennedy’s returned to us, his daughter loves the gent
Name of Barrett H. O’Bara, soon to be our President!

Yes, he hails from great Chicago, where they dye the river green
On a day as fair to Barrett as a foxy-haired colleen!
All the finest strains of Erin, like a whiskey finely blent
Meet in Barrett H. O’Bara, the recumbent President!

Why, that Barrett H. O’Bara, such a democrat is he,
That he even lets his valet read his speeches on TV!
Now Election Day is over — all the votes were heaven-sent,
For young Barrett H. O’Bara has become our President!


     *Authentic Irish-American, as Certified by the City of Boston,
     County of Suffolk, Commonwealth of Massachusetts,
     United States of America.  Impostors Need Not Apply.

© 2010 by Ellin Anderson. All rights reserved.
No part of this work may be copied or used in any way
without written permission from the author.

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